Royal Golf d’Anfa Mohammedia is one golfers and jumpers will share sportingly the hippodrome since it also serves as a framework for the 9 holes. In addition to this course the Royal golf d’Anfa has an infrastructure including restaurant, swimming pool, sauna, club house with bridge room … frequented by an elegant clientele! From the terrace of the club-house, shaded by blinds striped green and white and it embraces at a single glance the beautiful flower garden with, in the distance, the minaret of the famous Mosque Hassan it. The pathway of Anfa is a by 35 to 2710 meters which requires a lot of skill and a good dose of imagination, well necessary to understand that the flowers and trees are an integral part of the fairways. Anfa is a journey very technical, not very long. Among the holes the more difficult, the 2 who is a by 3: you need to cross the runway, the fly over, it is perfectly well guarded and it is long enough! Among the holes easy, 9 is a by 3, very short with an obstacle of water which can make the game difficult … The more easy: the 6 and the 8, a lovely promenade golf! In summary, a game … rather difficult or the imagination and the address will make the difference.

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