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“Once you start travelling, you won’t be able to stop the voyage!”

Our agency opens the doors to a world where magical memories are created. Our travel concierge connects in a personal, yet discrete manner to thoroughly understand the aspirations and needs of the clients, ensuring that we completely exceed all the expectations when it comes to designing a dream holiday.
We don’t provide packaged or off the shelf trips, we design tailor made getaways, and each experience is as unique as the person it is created for by choosing us, you ensure that the client’s travel plans flow seamlessly and stress free, which offers the utmost peace of mind while enjoying every bit of their vacation.

Our Team:

Each piece in the mosaic has a different name, describing either its shape or function: pointed stars or seals, cross, palm, almond, short neck, basket, knot, fork, candle… etc. That`s exactly how our team works. Together we collaborate to meet the requirements and satisfaction of each client.


Unique Selling Points :

  • Flexibility to meet up with the clients’ needs.
  • Assistance and attentiveness to make sure all goes stress free.
  • Reactivity in responding to requests.
  • Multi-lingual guides.
  • Remarkable concierge service – You’ll be never disappointed!



  • Morocco as a country has its unique natural and cultural heritage. That`s why we ensure to showcase these qualities through specific activities for our clients`, Moroccan made to respect its origins.
  • We care about the environment! Hence, we make sure to use new cars that generate less pollution.
  • Supporting local communities through specific actions.
  • Our service providers are part of the success that follows each operation. For instance, we have a selection of the best guides that assure an exceptional experience to the customer as well as preventing them from the problems of shopping in the souks. Therefore, our responsibility is to guarantee their decent living conditions along with their families through paying them on time and at the best price of the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

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