Wedding Customs in Morocco

While we talk about wedding customs in Morocco, we cannot ignore the importance and fame of Ammaria. Ammaria is one of the most prominent traditions that characterize weddings in Morocco.

Before it became the ammariya as we know it today, it was a type of wooden chair carried on the shoulders of strong people. Ammaria represents a symbol of Moroccan tradition and heritage, and reflects a long history of customs and traditions dating back to previous generations.

In a traditional Moroccan wedding, the bride’s girl sits inside the ammaria and is carried on the shoulders of relatives and friends. The architecture is decorated with bright colors and traditional patterns that reflect Moroccan authenticity. The groom is next to her, accompanying her at this important moment.

Ammaria appears to the guests with pride and splendor, and parades through the streets in a solemn wedding procession. Accompanied by the sounds of drums, ululations and welcome from everyone. It is a magical moment that combines luxury and tradition at the same time.

Over time, the architectural designs were updated and provided with modern touches. However, that special moment represented by Ammaria still carries in its heart the spirit of a traditional Moroccan wedding. It is an expression of pride in the heritage and ancient customs that characterize this beautiful country.

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